Group Collage is software to create groups and single pictures with names, text   and backgrounds,. for end schol year pictures or wedding poster.                    The entire process is automated and is extremely quick and   simple to use.


·         Select a page, you set the size (millimeters or inch)

·         Select dpi required

·         Add a background picture or color

·         Add group pictures (selection of singles from a file.)

·         Add unlimited single pictures

      (Pictures or clipart.)

·         There are multiple options available for framing pictures, adjust shape, colors etc.

·         Add unlimited text boxes

·         Manipulate pictures and/or text

      Add frames

      Color the frames

      Crop Pictures

      Adjust Color.

      Adjust brightness and contrast

·         Save Project to disk

·         Create templates from projects

·         Export picture/s to disk (jpeg, bmp, gif, png, emf. ico, wmf,or  tif.)


Group Collage will make corrections to single pictures and will give an option to make adjustments to all the pictures in a group. In addition it gives an option to create a backup file of the original pictures before correcting the original set.

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